How and where to contact me

Contacting the roleplayer is indeed an important part of roleplaying with them. Therefore I deem it important to know where you can find me.

First: If you feel like emailing me for diverse reasons, would it be for questions or by simple bad habit (I’m on to you, stalker), feel free as I’m open and I check my email daily. You will see my email along with my Fictionpress account and other links if you scroll down. Now I don’t tolerate spam or porn and publicity, but I do tolerate harsh criticism, flaming, insults and sheer anger, be it directed at me or if you feel the need to vent. My email is a privilege, not a right; do what you will and what you want, I frankly do not care. However, I cherish my privacy and I will ask you to stay away if you're just going to bother me. Same goes for my StarCraft account.

On the other hand, we have my Fictionpress account. I rarely update it nowadays, and for those wondering it’s a website which lets you publish your original fiction. Fictionpress leads me to speaking of my own works. So far, the only “Active” novel I have is Fall of Naitto (FoN, for short), and I’ve been writing it for a little over two years; it’s the remake of a remake of… a remake. I have a few works of Flash Fiction and, why not, poetry, although I still haven’t published them on there, since they’re still in their early draft stages and are yet incomplete. I take role playing as a sort of replacement for writing, even though I started writing after I started role playing. So, for now, I remain a hypocritical role playing author of incomplete fiction.

I'm a proud member of Resurrected Glory, a roleplaying site. We don't limit our discussions to just roleplaying, either. Come one, come all, we won't kick you away unless you're really terrible.

On another note, there are several other sites such as CRP (Community of Preservation of Roleplay) in goals of making Roleplaying better. CPR is led by PhantomSkyfire. We need new members, preferably people who want to dedicate themselves to improving what they do.

There's always 0blivion's forum, Imagination Dimension Realphobia, which I still Administrate along with him, and I have to say the community is very nice and creative. Nice roleplays, nice atmosphere, and rules that aren't that strict. Come and invite a friend, we don't mind.

I mostly hang around in Op Jawoi under the username of "Hinaoki". If you have any inquiries you can talk to me directly, though I'm not always there. In any case, feel free to come if you're not the type of person who will cause trouble on purpose.


Email: (Not Ku Klux Klan, by the way. Everybody, no exceptions, is safe around me.)

Resurrected Glory:



Now you know where you can find me. :)