Who might this be?

Hi. I'm Kristy, previously known as Tool.of.Soup and KyKai. I didn't have the guts to lose the information in my past two websites, kykai.webs.com and toolofsoup.synthasite.com, so instead I figured I'd just make this site and stick with it. All you have to understand here, is that Tool.of.Soup, KyKai, and Hinaoki, are the same person, me.

Now that we're past the mandatory stuff, let me explain what I made this site for. First off, I can't stand not having a website. Also, I do not appreciate misunderstandings and being asked questions I might just simply answer using this website once I have fans of my own. As for the fans thing, so far I'm only a fanatic; I don't have fans of my own yet, so be my first one! >:D

I will try keeping a character diary up to date and updating this site with new stuff. Though, so far, I don't have plans about what this site will be.